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Why women need to be more open to tech – womenintechdk

Why women need to be more open to tech

“Technology is the evolution of human biology” – Ray Kurzweil


Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, providing us as private consumers or businesses with uncountable possibilities. Living in a modern world shows the need for modern tech careers. However, women are still quite hesitant when it comes to choosing professions within IT, which is unfortunate, as more and more people are needed in the tech industry. The lack of qualified employees is overwhelming, showing the vast potential of jobs that is out there. But why exactly are women so reluctant to seeking careers involving tech?


The technology workforce is approximately 80% male dominated, which can be intimidating for a lot of women. Women have historically been considered the weaker sex and some of this prejudice is still part of our culture, even if that part has decreased to a large extent. With that being said, it might be hard to break through this cultural barrier and prove ourselves. Nevertheless, it is not impossible – looking at other industries such as fitness, more and more women are encouraged to start weight lifting now, which has been more of a male department until recently. The same movement ought to start in the tech industry and expand the until now boys-only club.

Why women are needed

Women are said to approach problems differently to their male counterparts. Diversity is the key to progress, so new ways of thinking are needed to take a step in a different direction towards problem-solving. Women exhibit certain traits that men might be missing, so having both genders in one workplace only helps with developing complementing skills that drive the company to reach its goals.

The more women work within the industry, the less discrimination there will be. As soon as it is not unusual for women to have tech careers, the discrimination gap will decrease. This will make it easier for following generations to enter the technology workforce. As a matter of fact, it might encourage the current generation of young women to step into the footsteps of their female ancestors, increasing not only the number of women in the industry of tomorrow but also equality in general.

In a much more general sense, broadening the talent pipeline is crucial for attracting the right people for the right jobs. This will bring a bigger talent pool to companies, which means they can choose the most qualified personnel for their

individual needs.

What benefits are reaped

Working in the tech industry comes with a lot of benefits, one of many is a better work-life balance. A lot of tech careers offer flexible work hours, this means that you no longer have to compromise your private life to be able to succeed at your job. This in turn also is likely to increase your job satisfaction, preconditions for a happy life.



Are you convinced yet?

Melisa Popanicic


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