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Throwback to our “Gender Equality through Technology” event – womenintechdk

Throwback to our “Gender Equality through Technology” event

After our event last year, we were highly motivated to repeat the great experience of being a part of the TechFestival. This time, the focus of our agenda was “SDG #5: Gender Equality through Technology”, a topic that was explained and debated by the three amazing speakers we had invited.

Seeing you join us was such a rewarding feeling! Our excitement was genuine and we wanted you to see what we had prepared and to share this experience with you!
Women in Tech DK’s mission is to inspire more women to build businesses or to choose a career in the tech industry. We are very dedicated to our initiative and we believe in the power of example. For this reason, we wanted to bring strong inspirational women to the stage, that could present their perspectives on gender equality in Copenhagen, women who can answer your questions and curiosities in a manner that you can relate to.

Do you recognize them? Having Pernille Erenbjerg, CEO and President at TDC, Camilla Hillerup, HR Director at Microsoft Denmark and Caroline Rusten from UN Women was such an enlightening experience.

The event began with our moderator, Laura Vilsbæk, introducing the speakers and the program. Caroline was the first to talk, followed by Pernille, and Camilla. Each one of them presented on the current situation of gender equality in Denmark and abroad to our audience.

Caroline spoke of how UN Women work with the issues surrounding gender equality on a global scale. Other points all speakers touched upon were showcased through the real number of women in the tech industry, moving on to how it actually feels to be a female CEO of such a big company like TDC, and finally to how we can bring more women into the field. Camilla shared what Microsoft has done in regards to this issue, how the giant plans on tackling the situation, and how, we, women, can step up our game once we stepped into a tech organization.

We loved their talks and we were proud and happy to see that you were eager to actively participate in the Q&A session after the panel debate. Many of you expressed true interest in the topic we had chosen and wanted to know more about the solutions and tools that one can apply to bridge the gap between women and men in this industry.


Once the questions were over, we knew that there were still some issues that you would like to address our speakers. This was why we also included time for a networking session that lasted for one hour. People circulated and chatted with each other, exchanged contact information, and listened to what our speakers were sharing in small groups that formed around them during the networking session. The atmosphere was dynamic and envigorating, and for that, we are very grateful to all of you. A special thanks goes out to our sponsors! SiteImprove, KPMG Denmark, NATURFRISK, Descroix Vin, and Garden Theory were the companies that contributed to our event and were there for our audience.

KPMG Denmark and SiteImprove had their own stands where they could be approached while the presence of the Garden Theory, NATURFRISK, and Descroix Vin were felt through the delicious drinks and beverages that they provided us with. Our team massively appreciated their support and we are sure that everyone there enjoyed what they had prepared for us as much as we did.

Well, ladies, that’s it for this year! Women in Tech DK’s team was happy to host this event for you in collaboration with TechFestival and we will definitely see you again next year! We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, or comments and stay close as we have other events and surprises for you this year! ❤

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