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Sara Green Brodersen, Founder & CEO of deemly – womenintechdk

Sara Green Brodersen, Founder & CEO of deemly

Founder Of The Month is a blog series, where Women in Tech DK interview female tech entrepreneurs, who want to share their stories and tip and tricks from their own startup journeys.

deemly is a reputation and social verification tool for P2P marketplaces and sharing economy businesses helping them build trust for their community, ultimately allowing users to take their reputation with them across all their online activity.


Today deemly has global partnerships with companies like Airbnb, Upwork and eBay as well as customers around the globe. The company’s headquarter is in Copenhagen, but they are in the process of opening up a London office. Sara is the CEO & Founder of deemly which she founded in 2016 after researching the sharing economy for her thesis.



1. What is the most important learning you had?

Starting a company is a roller coaster and so you have to feel comfortable and learn how to thrive in chaos. In the last year I’ve had a fair amount of hyperventilation and waking up in the middle of the night, but an ever bigger portion of high-fives and jumping around of joy – all within the same day sometimes. It’s called #startuplife and you need to get used to it. Also, get your legal shit in order.


2. Why are you the best to run your company?

I have spoken to more sharing economy entrepreneurs than I can count and for this reason I have a deep understanding of the problem we solve, the industry we’re in as well as a wide network. Besides that I have a startup mindset and understand that things move fast, change and sometimes ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’. That coupled with a number of years working as a Management Consultant where process and attention to detail is key.


3. Would you recommend other females to start their own company and why?

Yes, of course.

Being a good entrepreneur or CEO has nothing to do with gender, but rather personality, values and leadership style. When we first started out I gave a lot of thought to how my gender would affect our company’s journey and I sought out to find female founders as role models. While that is important, I discovered that I could easily find inspiration and guidance with other entrepreneurs no matter their gender. It’s important to find your own way of doing things.


4. What is your best tip for staying healthy and productive while running a start-up?

Everything they say about eating right, sleeping well and exercising enough is true – sometimes that’s hard though.

Especially if you travel a lot. I find that unwinding with friends or family – even if only for a few hours – gives my mind a break which is crucial. But hey, I’m still open for suggestions.


5. What is the biggest mistake you have made as a founder?

There’s such a long list of mistakes – but they have all been valuable and taken us to where we are today. Looking back at the first year, I wish I had been more brave and taken bigger risks. I think we might have missed out on a few opportunities because I was thinking too much and long about stuff.


6. What is your best advice to future entrepreneurs?

Go do it. There’s never a perfect time to start. And stop thinking you have to know everything and instead surround yourself with people who can help and support you on your mission. I’m so grateful for all the people I can call when I face something I have no clue how to tackle.

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