Throwback to our “On Top of Tech” event

Diversity. Technology. Trends.

These words fill our inboxes, our news feeds and our minds. We deal every day with the challenge of staying on top of technology and new innovations and trends, while trying to balance our work responsibilities. These were our thoughts when planning our last event that took place during the Copenhagen Techfestival.

Our goal was to gather together like-minded people, eager to find out how other peers cope with the pressure of being up-to-date in a constantly changing environment. Before moving on, we would like to thank everyone who joined us. It was our biggest event so far with more than 200 participants (both male and female 😉 ). It was a pleasure to meet you (again), and we hope we haven’t seen the last of you.

As a way to embrace diversity, we aimed to provide you with different opinions and perspectives. This time we did so by inviting Sara Green Brodersen, CEO of the tech startup deemly and Helle Rosendahl, Communications Manager at Microsoft Denmark. These inspiring women shared their thoughts on the importance of diversity and how they stay On Top Of Tech in their everyday work life.

Sara Brodersen and Karin Blomqvist kickstarted our event with a fireside chat. Sara is the CEO & Founder of deemly, a reputation and social verification tool for P2P marketplaces and sharing economy businesses. We knew that she found the tech industry fascinating but her answers made us understand why. As the CEO of a successful growing company she pointed out how important it is for her to stay on top of the latest tech trends. She did not deny that sometimes it can get challenging to stay informed about everything related to the latest changes in her field of business, but she uses all the available tools in her favour. From news feed alerts to talking to her co-workers, Sara tries to absorb as much information as possible in order to get the latest tech news.


“If something triggers your attention,

don’t be afraid to explore it!”


Prioritizing time for it is something that she advised us to do. Even 5 minutes of your day well allocated to the newest trends in tech can make a big difference when talking with potential clients or investors. And of course, stay true to your preferences. If something triggers your attention, don’t be afraid to explore it! Go for it and learn how you can turn it from a simple interest into something beneficial for your business or for you personally. We were happy that Sara shared her experience with us.

We have invited Helle Rosendahl, Communications Manager at Microsoft to give us her insights into diversity in a company that knows no barriers. We are all aware how seriously diversity is taken by Microsoft. They acknowledge the importance of it for their teams, regardless of department. Helle’s talk immediately captivated us. She made it clear that the presence of women in teams is crucial for the success of a product or a service as women bring another perspective on board. In order to bring on the market the perfect devices or services, Microsoft knows that all voices must be heard. Diversity must come naturally and be embraced by everyone, regardless of the gender or the position in a company.

As a way to wrap up the first half of our event, we were happy to invite ByFounders on stage to talk about how they aim to support the next generation of founders by investing in their businesses and giving advice to those who need it. At Women in Tech, we have had great success with establishing our own mentorship programme where entrepreneurial and professional minds are paired with an experienced mentor (read more here: So we are confident that ByFounders, who are experienced investors, will help a new generation of founders on their way to success. At any rate, we at Women in Tech will be there to create conditions that can ensure that the next Nordic Unicorn has a female founder.

Our event ended with a networking session and a glass of champagne offered by our sponsor, DI’s Digitaliseringsindsats. Thank you very much for supporting us, Dansk Industri. We look forward to seeing you at our next event! If you haven’t already, sign up for our slack channel , newsletter , Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on your community. And if you want to hear more about Women in Tech DK’s partnerships or opportunities, please reach out to our partnership manager Caroline Andersen,

Photocredit: Rina de Place Bjørn


  • Winnie Akinyi

    These event is inspiring for female students working in STEM to enhance their knowledge and interaction. In what areas would science students from Africa assist or partner with women in tech?

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