The Female Founder List

This list portrays female founders of tech companies. Should you be on this list? Or do you know someone who should? Submit your information at the buttom of this page.

  • Mette Maria Terp
    Mette Maria Terp CEO at TreatMeNow
  • Mette Søeberg
    Mette Søeberg CEO at artOmonde
  • Nanna Ulsøe
    Nanna Ulsøe CEO at Canvas Planner
  • Nikoline Lohmann
    Nikoline Lohmann Partner at Digital StoryLab
  • Pernille Andersen
    Pernille Andersen CEO at FeedsFloor
  • Plamena Cherneva
    Plamena Cherneva CCO at Codher
  • Rebecca Vera Stahnke
    Rebecca Vera Stahnke CEO at Veras
  • Rikke Koblauch
    Rikke Koblauch CEO at Steps
  • Roxane Jurkovskaja
    Roxane Jurkovskaja COO at The D.
  • Sara Green Brodersen
    Sara Green Brodersen CEO at deemly
  • Sarah Bach Munkholm
    Sarah Bach Munkholm CEO at MyMedCards
  • Suzanne Van Nes
    Suzanne Van Nes Partner at Sure
  • Sofi Sitha Natarajah
    Sofi Sitha Natarajah CEO at Creatrs
  • Sofie Hafstrøm Nielsen
    Sofie Hafstrøm Nielsen CEO at Comeat
  • Suvi Kaario
    Suvi Kaario CEO at Hooves
  • Therese Hansen
    Therese Hansen Partner at Monzoom
  • Jenifer Clausell Tormos
    Jenifer Clausell Tormos CEO and Founder of Develop Diverse
  • Ulla Hald
    Ulla Hald CEO of LaVue
  • Alexis Rhyner
    Alexis Rhyner Founder & CEO of REstart Refugees
  • Sanne Bech Thougaard
    Sanne Bech Thougaard CEO of Steps
  • Maria Leerbeck
    Maria Leerbeck Founder & CEO of Forlaget Fortæl ApS
  • Lise Elisabeth Haaning
    Lise Elisabeth Haaning Founder and CEO
  • Aviaja Borup Lynggaard
    Aviaja Borup Lynggaard CEO - CxD Aps - Child Experience Design
  • Henriette Kirkegaard
    Henriette Kirkegaard CEO - 3Dintegrated
  • Louise Brandstrup Zastrow
    Louise Brandstrup Zastrow Founder - Travel Kollekt
  • Matilde Aaskjær Juul Christensen
    Matilde Aaskjær Juul Christensen Co-founder - Lulu Lab
  • Sally Gregersen
    Sally Gregersen Co-founder - Lulu Lab
  • Anne Kristine Schwarzbach
    Anne Kristine Schwarzbach CEO & Founder of ConFront
  • Caroline Andersen
    Caroline Andersen CEO of Participay
  • Alexandra Neczliova
    Alexandra Neczliova Co-founder & Head of Growth at Sure
  • Alina Engel
    Alina Engel COO & Co-Founder at Hooves
  • Angie Lim
    Angie Lim CEO of Bento
  • Anna Frellsen
    Anna Frellsen CEO at Maternity Foundation
  • Anne Dvinge
    Anne Dvinge CEO of Low-Fi
  • Anne Lis Toft
    Anne Lis Toft CEO at RenRen
  • Kamila Kunrath
    Kamila Kunrath CEO & Co-founder of BlueBenu
  • Anne-Marie Ubbe
    Anne-Marie Ubbe CEO at Playpilot Denmark ApS
  • Annemette Buch Blücher
    Annemette Buch Blücher CEO at Puslely
  • Mie Skouboe Egeberg
    Mie Skouboe Egeberg Creative director and co-founder
  • Camilla Hessellund Lastein
    Camilla Hessellund Lastein CEO at Lix Technologies
  • Camilla Høpner
    Camilla Høpner CEO at SpaceDetector
  • Riley Andersen
    Riley Andersen CEO & Co-Founder
  • Camilla Ley Valentin
    Camilla Ley Valentin CCO at Queue-it
  • Marie Mathiesen
    Marie Mathiesen CEO & Founder of Qvest
  • Chryssa Oikonomidou
    Chryssa Oikonomidou General Manager at Tourboks
  • Anna-Maria Espersen
    Anna-Maria Espersen Founder & Project Leader of Barsel & Karriere
  • Clara Emilie Thomassen
    Clara Emilie Thomassen CEO at Greatdest
  • Nanna Bach Munkholm
    Nanna Bach Munkholm Co-Founder of DecorRaid
  • Cora Skreslet
    Cora Skreslet Creative Director at Suite 07
  • Pernille Sandberg Bech
    Pernille Sandberg Bech CEO & Founder of Goodtalks
  • Dajana Dimovska
    Dajana Dimovska Co CEO at NapNok Games
  • Dorte Damgaard Sejthen
    Dorte Damgaard Sejthen CEO at Filihood
  • Sarah Lasso
    Sarah Lasso COO & Co founder of BlueBenu
  • Elena Hove-Aggerholm
    Elena Hove-Aggerholm CEO at InsurTech
  • Helene Aagaard
    Helene Aagaard Co-Founder of GoGetty
  • Elizabeth Rankich
    Elizabeth Rankich CEO at Goaly
  • Palak Sehgal
    Palak Sehgal Founder, Chief scientific officer og Nordetect
  • Eva Fog
    Eva Fog CEO at DigiPippi
  • Ewelina Reszke
    Ewelina Reszke CEO at GoGetty
  • Fie Hansen-Hoeck
    Fie Hansen-Hoeck CEO at Fooducer
  • Gulnaz Khusainova
    Gulnaz Khusainova CEO at EasySize
  • Helene Lassen Nørlem
    Helene Lassen Nørlem Partner at Tiimo
  • Ida Tin
    Ida Tin CEO at Clue
  • Inger Gislesen
    Inger Gislesen CXO at Cook With A Local
  • Karin Høgh
    Karin Høgh CEO at PodConsult
  • Chrisstine Johannsen
    Chrisstine Johannsen CEO at
  • Lena Mech
    Lena Mech Creative Director at Play Agency
  • Linisha Palm
    Linisha Palm Co-Founder at Soply
  • Lisa Bønsdorff Dalsgaard
    Lisa Bønsdorff Dalsgaard CEO at
  • Lise Knudsen
    Lise Knudsen Head of Communications at Maternity Foundation
  • Lisbeth Chawes
    Lisbeth Chawes Partner at KomFo
  • Marianne Ingeborg Bang
    Marianne Ingeborg Bang Partner at Student Book Mark
  • Marie Kjær Hansen
    Marie Kjær Hansen CEO at Plan Penny
  • Mathilde K. Jakobsen
    Mathilde K. Jakobsen CEO at
  • Melissa Azari
    Melissa Azari Partner at Tiimo
  • Louise Ferslev
    Louise Ferslev CEO of MyMonii
  • Mette Lykke
    Mette Lykke CEO at Too Good To Go

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