Anne Kristine Schwartzbach – Founder of the month – CEO & founder ConFront

Anne Kristine Schwartzbach is the Founder and CEO of Confront, a digital concept dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of anxiety through the use of virtual reality. For the past 12 years, Anne has worked as a special needs teacher, and her passion to help others is the core value of [...]


Gulnaz Khusainova – Founder of the month – CEO & founder of EasySize

Gulnaz Khusainova is currently the Founder and CEO of EasySize, a data-driven company disrupting fashion e-commerce. Originally from Russia she moved to Copenhagen to start her current company, Easysize.  Prior to Easysize she was a founder of 2 tech startups in e-commerce and big data (with [...]

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